Graphic Design  - Ocean Stone

Graphic Design

Many small and medium sized businesses try to design either in-house or with freelance designers.  By doing this many companies find they have to re-design and change either parts or all of their communication material at a latter date because it is simply not working for them.  Ocean Stone designs for the target audience, as much thought needs to be applied to promoting a loaf of bread valued at 80p, as it does for a premium brand selling for over £2.80.

Corporate Identity

Whatever your business, your customers need something that is instantly recognisable as representative of that business.  This could be a simple logo for your business stationery and signage; or it could be a whole corporate image running across every element of your communication and includes document templates to insure a standardised format for everything your customer sees.

Whether we are designing for a new start-up business, an existing business looking to refresh their identity or need to develop an existing image across a wide brand range, Ocean Stone will create something of which you can be truly proud.  By getting to know you, your likes and dislikes, getting to know your customer profile, knowing where and how your logo will be used, all will be considered in the concepting and design process.


A company’s stationery is not simply about maintaining the corporate image and having something to communicate messages.  We consider the stationery of a company as a vital element in the sales and marketing process.  As well as creating functional and stylish material, we will also advise on setting templates within your office environment to maintain a consistent corporate style for any correspondence and the use of your stationery elements to cross-sell and promote all aspect of your business.


Leaflets are a simple and cost effective medium for communicating with your customers and educating them on the features and benefits of your company’s products and services. Done right, they can dramatically increase your enquiries.  Done badly, they end up in the bin un-read.

From single sided third of an A4 sheet to large multi-fold sheets, the Ocean Stone team will help you through from brief, concepts; design through to print and distribution.


When you have more to say than the space available on a leaflet, a brochure that is designed creatively to draw the reader in and through the pages is an important tool.


Whether it’s simply magnetic sign to temporarily brand your own car through to a fleet of vehicles and signage for a national chain of stores, the maintenance of a corporate brand in large format brings its own challenges  – let Ocean Stone’s experienced team create imaginative, practical solutions for your company.