Ocean Stone’s team of media planners and buyers have over twenty years experience in researching, negotiating and booking client’s media.  We aim to get the very best value from your media advertising spend, not just through discounts from the media groups, but by targeting those forms of advertising which will best reach your target audience.

Newspapers, Magazines & Periodicals

Adverts can be designed in either full colour, black and white or black, white and a spot colour according to what the relevant publication provides. Ocean Stone can research, plan and buy space in all the various media available, from a one-off advertisement through to a national campaign. We have extensive of experience within this area and using our contacts with the publications we can offer very competitive rates and work hard to better any existing rates you may already have.

Radio & TV

Ocean Stone provides a full service by researching, planning and booking Radio and TV advertising space. As your agency we are able to use our creativity to enhance the commercial production for maximum impact and negotiate on your behalf to obtain the best time slots to meet your target market.

Advertising – Outdoor

The high visual impact offered by Outdoor advertising space works well in both direct impulse purchase and brand awareness. It is a media that can often be the last connection with a potential consumer immediately prior to a purchase being made. Alternatively as subliminal messaging whilst the potential consumer is often doing something else (driving, recreation) that helps to build brand awareness and desire.

Internet Advertising

No advertising campaign would be complete without addressing the impact of online advertising whether as banners, pay-per-click, social media etc. Our team will co-ordinate offline and online activity to increase the opportunities and the multiplier effect of using different media channels.